Hi.  I'm the creator of this site, as you may have already gathered...

I have a love for the Japanese and Drow languages...probably knew that one too.

Hmm...something that you probably didn't know...I had 15 cats when I was growing up....



Anyway...hmm...not much to say about me....other than I work a shit ton....and all my free

time (like to make this website and such) is at about three in the morning.

Feel free to email me at mikoyose@kurushimi.org.

Also, I do have a MySpace.


And that's about it.  Have any other questions?  Shoot me an email, or you can

visit the myspace site.  It's got all sorts of goodies on it...like a picture!  (HOORAY.)

Like...me bitching about work!! (YAY!)

And...I think some other junk.  


Thanks for visiting, I really appreciate it.  Sign the guestbook if you feel like it.

Take care...and remember...dos phuul neitar maglust.

(Translated into a non nerd language: You are never alone.)

usstan zah'har maglust